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Back in the summer of 1997 my brother and I were having a night out with our cousin Irene. We all had a little too much to drink and as you do, tongues were wagging. Irene had for many years been working as an office cleaner in the evenings, offering her a good work life balance around her kids. Unfortunately, not all was well. She said she mostly felt lonely doing the job; she only met her supervisor if there was a problem. So, she grew to dread her supervisor “popping in for a chat”. Whenever she tried to argue her side of the story e.g. not having the right chemicals or equipment, her supervisor didn’t want to know, telling her to “just get it done.”

Then one day I was watching the news and Richard Branson came on. He was talking about the starting of Virgin Trains. I remember him saying how he loves to come into an existing complacent market and shake it up. By offering better service, friendly staff, doing things on time.


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